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Let us help you with all your home improvement projects!


 *We provide same day and next day window and screen repair for wood and aluminum storm frames. Just bring them by in the morning, with a deposit, and you choose a pick up time that works for you. Planning on fixing it yourself? No problem, just bring your measurements, and we'll cut you a piece of glass while you wait!


  Did you recently order new furnature? What better way to protect it, than with a piece of glass, to keep its finish looking new for years to come.


Have you been putting off using your fireplace because one pane has broken? Bring the frame by and we will have a new piece of tempered glass ordered for you.


Have you been trying to scrub and clean the haze off  a thermopane window, but the seal is broken and it won't come clean? We can order in new glass to make it look clear and new again!

Table top glass

We carry 1/4 plate glass in stock. We can cut to your measurement or pattern with a ground polished edge.

Hi-Temp glass

We carry 3/16 pyroceram glass in stock for coal and wood stoves and can order in tempered, for fireplace screens..

Insulated glass

Tired of looking through that steamed up window? Let us use your exsisting frame and order in new insulated glass to make everything clear again!

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